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Monthly membership will leave your account by direct debit at the elected date. You must give 10 days notice to downgrade your tariff and one months notice to cancel. To upgrade your tariff you can pay the difference in cash at reception and your direct debit amount will change from your next bill date. Direct debits are managed by Ashbourne Management who can be contacted on 08712712088 to discuss any issues with payments. Any reuqests for changes to membership should be given in writing to gauntletfightacademy@gmail.com.


There is a £25 joining fee per direct debit instruction, which is payable in cash at the beginning of your membership. The pro rata amount from the day you start training until your first direct debit will also be payable along with your joining fee.


Membership fees are not negotiable but we do offer a 10% discount for families (two children or adult and child) with an additional 5% for a third person.


If you cannot train for health reasons, or due to inhury, you may freeze your membership without charge, which can be arranged by contacting reception or by the above email address. If you are going away for a prolonged period, you can freeze your membership with one months notice, however the joining fee of £25 will apply when you return as your membership will have lapsed for the period of your absence. For children's memberships, if classes are suspended over the school holidays (summer time) then your membership will be frozen without charge, however, if classes are available, your direct debit will continue as usual.


We retain the right to terminate membership if you do not abide by the rules of engagement and standards of discipline and respect upheld by the academy.


If you have any questions, please contact us in person at reception or via email at gauntletfightacademy@gmail.com.


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