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MMA is where all of our sports come together. You've seen it on UFC, now is your chance to try it out for yourself.


In the past 18 years, mixed martial arts (MMA) has left the underground world and has become comfortably fixed in the mainstream. One of the largest and fastest growing organisers of MMA is UFC, founded in 1993. Fighters battle it out in the cage with minimal protection. During the matches, MMA fighters only wear thin gloves, and are barefoot. Fighters are allowed to punch, kick, grab or do anything else to win the match. This stays true to the sports Brazilian roots of "Vale Tudo" fighting, which translates as "anything goes".


The few rules that the sport does have is similar to boxing and wrestling. Fighters can win a MMA match by three ways, KO, Submission of judges decision.


With current UFC flighter Claudio 'Hannibal' Silva as your coach, you will learn all the key elements of MMA including:



-Submission Wrestling

-Takedown and Takedown defence

- Ground and Pound


At The Gauntlet, we have the expert tuition and facilities available to prepare your body and mind for combat. MMA Classes can improve your overall fitness but can also be great supplementary training for BJJ, Muay Thai and other combat sports. We offer one and one sessions and can also help to organise bouts for amateur and semi professional fights.


Join us Saturday afternoon at 2.30pm.




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