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Muay Thai, also known as "the art of eight limbs" is a striking martial art that uses both long range and clinching style. Similar to western kickboxing, Muay Thai also allows the use of the elbows and knees in full competition. Muay Thai uses the entire body's momentum to deliver the most powerful strikes possile. It is widely regarded as the most complete striking style on earth. 


Training Muay Thai / Kickboxing at The Gauntlet, under the guidance of coach Brahim "Sami" Frahat and Ricardo Orellana Avila will improve your cardio, push you to your limits and challenge you to acheive your goals, whether in the ring, the Octogan or just for general health and fitness. Classes are hard work but have a strong positive vibe for truly motivational training. Whilst working on perfecting techniques as well as improving cardio fitness, our classes are a blend of Kickboxing, Muay Thai, Boxing and Fitness for an overall work out that is suitable for conditioning experienced and competative fighters, as well as complete beginners. 


Classes are taken by coach 'Sami' and coach Ricardo. Sami boasts an impressive record of wins, and has held titles such as Algerian Champion (78kg), London Regional Heavyweight Champion, Granada Regional Champion, African Championship Silver Medalist as well as being a coach for the formidable Team Tieu.


Coach Ricardo has over 30 years experience teaching, competing and coaching full contact sports and has trained many prize winning fighters. He is technical advisor to Team Loren and trains with current UFC fighters. Ricardo started training Martial Arts in Chile in 1983, and became a Black Belt in Karate in 1987 after competing in many national and international competitions. He has trained Kung Fu, Full Contact Karate, Taekwondo and became a Black Belt in K1 Kickboxing in 2004.



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