Neto Nunes

Head Coach, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Neto is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt 3rd degree, under Henrique Lima. Born in Brazil, Neto has been living and teaching BJJ in London for the past  12 years.

Representing Checkmat, one of the biggest and most successful teams in BJJ, he brings over 20 years competition and coaching experience to the Academy. 


An incredibly motivational coach, Neto has the skills and knowledge to help you build a strong foundation in BJJ, as well as helping you develop personally with a fighters mindset. Whether you are complete beginner, or a high level competitor looking to develop your game, Neto's patience, detailed knowledge and insight can help you succeed.


Neto is also Head Coach of our childrens program. A proud Dad to Paulo and Lily, he has hands on experience teaching the little ones and is a strong positive role model to help encourage your child on and off the mats. 

As well as a highly regarded BJJ Referee for IBJJF, UAEJJF and ADCC, Neto is also coach for various professional MMA and UFC fighters and is available to help 1-2-1 with professional fight preparation. 


Samy Frahat

Coach, Muay Thai

Samy's classes are perfect for those looking for a lesson in endurance, power and stamina. A former Team Tieu coach, and competitor Samy knows how to put you through your paces, whether you're training for a professional fight, or just starting out and need to build your fitness. 

Samy's positive tough love coaching style can help you perfect your foundation techniques, and work on powerful, highly effective combo's, putting them to the test during intense sparring sessions. 

Boasting an impressive record of wins, as well as holding a Black Belt in Judo, Coach Samy has held titles such as Algerian Champion, London Regional Heavyweight Champion, Granada Regional Champion, African Championship Silver Medalist so knows what it's like to step in the ring and can help you develop the Champions mindset. 

Samy is available for 1-2-1 sessions, please call for availability.


Mike "Airlines" Ekundayo

Coach, MMA

Professional Bantamweight MMA Fighter Mike 'Airlines' Ekundayo fits in developing The Gauntlet Fight Academy MMA Talent and Beginners alongside his pro MMA training. Currently Fighting in Cage Warriors he has an impressive professional record of 8-1.

His training allows him to learn from top MMA legends such as his coach Brad Pickett and other big names in the sport. 


Mike is an excellent teacher, patient and thorough which makes him perfect for beginners and those coming from other disciplines, as well as an extremely tough training partner for other semi-professional and professional fighters.  

Mike's classes are suitable for those 16 and over. 


Wali Abdullah

Coach, Wrestling

Former Team GB freestyle wrestler Wali Abdullah, is well known as one of the best Wrestling coaches in the city. He is also a purple belt in BJJ and at the age of only 23 he has Wrestled all around the world and is a British National Champion in the sport. 

Wali is the perfect coach to introduce you to takedowns and freestyle grappling, whether your aim is to get involved in Wrestling or just to improve your game for MMA or BJJ.

Join us for Wrestling classes every Thursday evening, all levels welcome. 


Samuel Antwi

Coach, Boxing

Samuel is a Full Time Professsional boxer with Pryamid Boxing. He is 2x national champion and southern area champion. Samuel is the current English Welterweight Champion. 

An explosive and technically superior Boxer with immense flair, Sam is the perfect coach to blend fundamentals and solid boxing theory for beginners, with more intense and advanced training for experienced boxers. 

A great role model, and father himself, Sam also leads our new Kids Boxing program for children aged 7 and up. 


Ryan Muna

Coach, Muay Thai & kickboxing

 A striking specialist, Ryan has been in the fight game and competing for over 7 years. Muay Thai (kickboxing) is his bread and butter, however Ryan also has experience in teaching and competing in western boxing.

Ryan's classes are meticulously planned to make sure beginners have a full understanding of fundamental techniques and concepts before moving on to challenging advanced combinations. His classes are also physically challenging as he uses his personal training credentials to build conditioning into the training to push you to break through your comfort zone and achieve your goals. 


Silviu Nastasa

Coach, NO-GI Jiu Jitsu

Hailing from Romania, Silviu Nastasa our No-Gi Jiu jitsu Coach is a Black Belt in BJJ and Judo as well as being a seasoned Wrestler. A grappler to be reckoned with, Silviu brings years of experience and a fantastic teaching style to the Academy. 

Silviu is a regular high level professional competitor and also leads our Strength & Conditioning and Kettlebell Conditioning classes at the Academy. 

His classes are fun, challenging and highly dynamic and diverse. No Gi lovers, look no further. 


Silviu is available for 1-2-1 coaching, please call for availability.


Nick Maison

Coach, Krav Maga

Founder of Total Krav Maga & Krav Wear. Self Defence Professional & Consultant. Nick runs Krav Maga classes all over London including 4 clases weekly at The Gauntlet Fight Academy.


A Film Fight Choreographer & Screen Combat Actor Nick is available for Private classes and will also be co-running our new self defence program.