The Gauntlet Fight Academy will reopen on July 25th after 5 long months of closure. Our timetable is significantly different as we have had to make many changes to the way we train to fit in with government safety guidelines, although we're sure that these measures will change within the next few months and we'll be ready to adapt as and when that happens. 

We're confident you'll love what we have on offer, and that our varied classes will keep you challenged, sweaty and full of endorphins. our upgraded fitness, stregnth and functional training suites all also available for members to use as well as access to classes, and the mats are open for solo training and bag work whenever there are no classes scheduled. 

We recommend coming in for a tour before attending your first class, so we can explain our new rules, get you fully enrolled, and answer any questions you may have. you can book this online.

Teal Sketched Circles Daily Chore Chart

 Confused about our new class types? check our class guide here, or feel free to drop us a call or email and we'll be happy to answer your questions.


Please also check our returning to training checklist and other resources on our covid safety page.

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